Orange and Teal?

Hey everyone!

In theses latest images, I’ve tried a new technique that I saw on another photography posting (actually, it was about color grading in video production and I was applying it to still photography).

In essence, we are introducing a couple of complementary colors in the photo. In the highlights, we are making them more orange- to better help simulate a late afternoon sun. In this particular case, I was shooting close to, if not in the golden hour. The second part is shifting the shadows into the teal range of colors. Apparently, orange and teal are opposites on the color wheel- which makes them complementary.


The author of the post says that this is what Hollywood does in their
“Blockbuster” movies. They use color to help separate out items in a scene.

In still photography, we use lens and F-stop selection to make the object pop out out of the background. What I mean by this is using the depth of field that is an F-stop attribute to make the background blurry while our subject is in sharp focus.


So in this instance, I’m using my aperture to isolate my subject and using color to help isolate my subject even further.


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