Some Photo’s of our Cottage

It’s been a while since I last posted. The reason is we have been busy working on our property. Barbara and I have wanted to share our property with the general public but it took some doing to get it ready. So with out further ado, on with the photo’s.
Here is a view of the back of the main house. We took down some privacy fences the previous owner installed. We like the look and feel of it.
This is the view of the cottage from the patio/Tiki bar that’s on the main house.
A view of the back of the main house from the horse enclosure area.
A closer look at the back of the main house. We like how the lattice on the field fence seems to add charm.
This is the inside of the Cottage. Barbara has done a great job of decorating. She likes the SouthWestern look and it wouldn’t be complete with out horses.
A view of the bathroom, complete with hot and cold running water.
This is Shannon. He’s in the horse enclosure area. This is the main area he and Jubilee are in during the season the grass is not growing or dormant.
A local cardinal enjoys hanging out in some branches in the horse enclosure.
This is a view of our Tiki bar. Those double doors are to the main house.
A view of the pool table at night. The Tiki bar feel is still in effect. 
A view of my workshop at night.