A Night At the Ballgame

I got invited to see the Tampa Bay Rays this past Monday night by my Daughter Candace. She works in the public school system as a Speech Therapist. So as a public servant of sorts, she was entitled to free tickets to this game.
I’m not much of a sports fan but I did want to spend some time with my baby girl (who’s not much of a baby any more).  I enquired about bringing my camera. To my surprise, I could bring my Canon 6D and use my big lens: EF 100-400mm IS L (It’s the previous generation Mk I). I was pleasantly surprised of the quality of the images I got. I mean this setup is not really optimized for sports photography. I did have trouble getting focus and since tripods were not allowed, I had to shoot hand held. Shooting handheld meant that I had to use a high ISO and I was worried about noise.


So here are the images I was able to get. I was trying to get the spirit of the event. I also wanted to get the ball in as many images as I could.

I was able to get this sequence of photo’s of Dickerson batting. The Canon shoots as 4.5 frames in continuous shooting mode so getting these shoots were a challenge. I thought it would be best presented as a collage. My wife Barbara doesn’t think so. She would have preferred to see them individually. What do you think?

In this sequence, the runner is at first base and is leading off. The pitcher throws to first base in an attempt to strike the runner out. I was able to capture the ball as it moves through the air.

Every couple of innings, the infield gets a quick manicure. 

It’s hard to hit a ball as this batter is demonstrating.

Batter “On Deck”. 

Notice how the pitcher and catcher are in step but on different legs? I wonder if that’s why they need to talk things over.

Catching the moment right before the ball meets the bat.

Split seconds after the ball leaves the bat.

The runner is safe.

I was having difficulty trying to catch the moment the ball is leaving the pitchers hand. 

If you look right above the bat, you can see the ball. He just missed it. 

This is the Tampa Bays mascot.

One of the vendors.

If you look just above the batters left knee, you can see the ball.

An action shot of the batter running to first base.

Since the only lens I had was my 100-400mm, I had to turn the camera on the diagonal to get the whole scene in. This is to show the bases are loaded. This didn’t last long as the next batter got out and one of the runners got taken out. The double play ended the inning. We were so hopeful. t