I really love Portraits. With Portraits, sometimes, you can sense the subjects personality jumping right out. I like when I can get a sense of their identity, a sense of who they are. To see the person as they were at the time the moment was captured.

As much as I like the control that I have in the studio, I really enjoy taking the “studio” outside into the real world, away from the “laboratory”.


These are a few examples of our portraits. Some are examples of our studio and some are “on location”.



An infectious Smile.

The image above is a composite image. If you scroll down, you can see the original image of Lucy and the horse smiling. I took her and the horse and placed them into another image and adjusted the lighting to make it look like she was actually at the Glovers Farm.


The following 4 portraits were taken with a Sigma DP2 M camera. this particular camera boasts a very high resolution. This camera needs a lot of light and a non moving subject due to limitation inherent to the sensor design. In the case of in the studio portraits, where controlled lighting is the rule and not the exception, this camera really shines. We had a lot of fun shooting and I was well pleased when it came to processing the files. For studio work, the Sigma really is a fantastic camera.

One of the things I like about the files are the softness of the images. I have a lot of control in the post-processing. I can really bring out the detail or I can soften it, depending on what my goal for the photo is. In this case, I wanted to soften it up a bit.
_P2M3010 _P2M3017 _P2M3018 _P2M30221a






















These next images were taken with the Canon 6D. _MG_6529

_MG_6513 _MG_6094 _MG_5977 _MG_5975