A Photography: What the camera see’s.





Speaking of lens selection: Choosing the right lens for the moment can be rewarding if you keep a few things in mind.
50mm lens: see’s the world the way our eyes do. When you look at a photo taken with a 50mm lens, the relationship between foreground and background objects are considered normal. The way our eyes see things. This is why the 50mm lens is considered a Normal lens.
On the other hand, a wide angle lens, such as a 24mm, will make the relationship between objects in the foreground and background seem more distant that they are. Or a better term: skewed.  This lens is great for getting a lot of the scene into the photo. It’s important to place the camera is such a way that this kind of distortion doesn’t create a distraction and ruin the photo. Sometimes it can’t be helped such as in this real estate photo below. The main concern is getting the whole room in one photo. Ideally, the photographer would use a tilt-shift lens and that would clear up most of the distortion.
Notice how although the whole room is in the photograph, the distortion is quite evident. This photo was taken with a Canon EF 24-40 mm F4 L zoom lens. It was shot at the 24 mm setting. 
While a wide angle lens will make the objects seem father apart than they really are, a telephoto lens with make them appear closer than the really are.  It’s called compression and it compresses the space between the objects. With this lens, the photographer will get far less of the scene than with the wide angle. The up side is the photographer can isolate an object much better. Since this lens will compress the scene, it’s great for portraits.