Some Photos of Our Babies

So today, I photographed our girls. I like to shoot as much as I can, hoping to improve. Mainly, I’m working on composition .
Along with our animals, I photographed a few of the flowers and such. Here are what I’ve gotten.

A Night At the Ballgame

I got invited to see the Tampa Bay Rays this past Monday night by my Daughter Candace. She works in the public school system as a Speech Therapist. So as a public servant of sorts, she was entitled to free tickets to this game.
I’m not much of a sports fan but I did want to spend some time with my baby girl (who’s not much of a baby any more).  I enquired about bringing my camera. To my surprise, I could bring my Canon 6D and use my big lens: EF 100-400mm IS L (It’s the previous generation Mk I). I was pleasantly surprised of the quality of the images I got. I mean this setup is not really optimized for sports photography. I did have trouble getting focus and since tripods were not allowed, I had to shoot hand held. Shooting handheld meant that I had to use a high ISO and I was worried about noise.


So here are the images I was able to get. I was trying to get the spirit of the event. I also wanted to get the ball in as many images as I could.

I was able to get this sequence of photo’s of Dickerson batting. The Canon shoots as 4.5 frames in continuous shooting mode so getting these shoots were a challenge. I thought it would be best presented as a collage. My wife Barbara doesn’t think so. She would have preferred to see them individually. What do you think?

In this sequence, the runner is at first base and is leading off. The pitcher throws to first base in an attempt to strike the runner out. I was able to capture the ball as it moves through the air.

Every couple of innings, the infield gets a quick manicure. 

It’s hard to hit a ball as this batter is demonstrating.

Batter “On Deck”. 

Notice how the pitcher and catcher are in step but on different legs? I wonder if that’s why they need to talk things over.

Catching the moment right before the ball meets the bat.

Split seconds after the ball leaves the bat.

The runner is safe.

I was having difficulty trying to catch the moment the ball is leaving the pitchers hand. 

If you look right above the bat, you can see the ball. He just missed it. 

This is the Tampa Bays mascot.

One of the vendors.

If you look just above the batters left knee, you can see the ball.

An action shot of the batter running to first base.

Since the only lens I had was my 100-400mm, I had to turn the camera on the diagonal to get the whole scene in. This is to show the bases are loaded. This didn’t last long as the next batter got out and one of the runners got taken out. The double play ended the inning. We were so hopeful. t

A Day at Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Me, Barbara and another couple went to the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State park yesterday. We had a great time. We don’t get to go all that often even though we live just a few miles away. Funny how that works out.

Typically, you want to shoot photo’s in either the early morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t as bright. We went to the park at about noon time so there were a lot of harsh shadows to contend with. Additionally, I brought only one lens for my canon 6D: my 100-400mm first generation. I probably should have brought a tripod or at least a mono-pod. I’m happy with the images that I’ve posted here. I will be going back at a future time when I can get images with better light.

This giant Manatee is in front of the main building and is right off US 19 in Homosassa Springs. I like that I was able to catch a bird in mid flight.

The same bird as in the previous frame.

Barbara, Ray and his wife Illiana, striking a pose.

This the inside of the visitor center. Barbara and Iliana looking around.

Barbara has a new friend.

A few things to see while in the visitor center.

A cute figurine.

There are three ways to get to the main park, boat, tram or walk. We choose to take the boat on our way in. This is the style boat.

Off to the side of the boat boarding area is this fellow. Alligators are a common enough sight here in Florida so it wasn’t a huge surprise for us locals.
Once you are off the boat, you cross a road and are at the entrance to the park. This is one of the signs you’ll walk past while entering the park.

Another of the signs along the walk to the park. I have a few images from this “Fish Bowl” viewing area. They are included in this posting.


The next images are of a few of the animals that the park has to see. Something to keep in mind: this park is a wildlife sanctuary. Meaning that the animals kept here are either recovering from some type of injury or were determined that they would not survive if returned back into the ecosystem. So some of the animals I’ve included in this post are wild or in some type of enclosure.

A turtle of some type sunning.

The top view of a manatee having some lunch. There are many manatee here.

There is some underwater viewing available. The images aren’t the best as there was a good deal of algae buildup on the viewing glass. I’ve done the best I could with what I had to work with. 

There was a few orange trees so I had to represent.

A resident squirrel was kind enough to pose for a portrait. He seemed very friendly. I guess he gets fed a lot.

Inside one of the buildings, they had a manatee skeleton hanging around.

There was a bear in one of the enclosures but there were too many obstacles to a decent photo. There wasn’t any obstacles to taking a photo of this bear statue though.

Barbara and Ileana enjoying the day.

The resident Hippo, Lu. Lu is the oldest hippo in captivity in North America. He is 57 years old as of January, 2017.


Here are a few bird photo’s:

And of course life wouldn’t be the same with out the flamingos.

These 4 flamingos were having an argument. Notice how they are all fluffed up? We weren’t really sure what the commotion was about.


Here is the resident eagle. Sadly, one of his wings were in a bad way. It looks like most of that one wing is missing. We aren’t sure what happened but he couldn’t possibly live on his own. 

There were many alligators so here are a few photo’s of them.

A few new photo’s

These are a few photo’s I took yesterday.

This is one of the items that can be seen in our Tiki Bar.

We have a billiard table so this piece of wall art is fitting for our Tiki Bar.

Bella enjoying the sun. Here is some of the tool kit my father-in-law had as a diesel mechanic.

Some New Photo’s

Yesterday, Barbara and I attended a memorial for the passing of a dear friend Sandy. Barbara had know her for over 20 years and they had a deep friendship. Barbara and Sandy had shared the love of horses and pretty much anything horse. While at the memorial, I snapped a few photo’s of the horses Sandy took care of.

Richard Jason Randolph (Dad) 11/19/1947 – 04/12/2017

I have some rather sad news that I’d like to share with you.

My father-in-law, Richard Jason Randolph passed away last Wednesday morning. He was a first responder working a heavy rescue vehicle for Emerald Towing out of Pompano Beach, Florida. At 5:30 that morning, a semi truck pulling a loaded trailer missed a turn and wound up teetering on an overpass, dangling over Interstate 95 in Boca Raton, Florida.  Richard, while attempting to get 18 wheeler back on the road, lost his footing and fell to his death. He died at the scene. He will be greatly missed by all.

The outpouring of love and support of the first responder community was overwhelming. I captured the moment for my family and you.

This is the truck that Richard Drove. He loved this truck even though he was offered newer ones.His daughter Kathy wanted to sit in the seat her dad sat in.

In honor of Richard, the people he worked with hung a wreath of flowers on the grill of his old truck.

The community of first responders are a close group. Even though they compete for the same business, at the end of the day, they support one another. As you can see from the photographs, there are many companies that honored Richard and his family.

The rescue vehicles come in all sizes. Units that can rescue cars to the mammoth sized units that can lift aircraft and railway cars.

Parking was all the way down the street.

My daughter Michelle (who is due to give birth this June), admires the fancy artwork on one of the giant trucks.

First responders that came to honor Richard included Fire Rescue, Florida State Troopers, Sherif Departments from the surrounding counties, Florida Department of Transportation among others. 

Fire Rescue provided the Piper. I have never experienced the bagpipes in person. I will tell you, it is very hard to not get misty-eyed when the pipes are playing.

In the left corner is my wife Barbara holding her sister Kathy while they both weep. Off to the right is Richard, resting peacefully.

Here the pallbearers load Richard into the hearse. The Piper is playing and lots of eyes are watery (including my own). Richards wife of 35 years, Judy Randolph, sits in the wheel chair weeping.

Here Richards co-workers cling to each other for support.

Judy hold her grandsons hand while she gently weeps.

Judy sits beside her late husbands favorite truck one last time.

It was Judy’s wish to ride in Richards truck.

Her she is sitting in the passenger seat of ol’ 119.

Judy leads the procession followed by Richard in the hearse.

Behind is a procession 3 miles long.

Some first responders chose to honor Richard by saluting him as he is driven by one last time.

Some chose to keep the road open and clear for his procession.

As Richard goes off to be cremated, the rest of us celebrate his life at Bobby Rubino’s restaurant.

Parking was tight as these rescue vehicles are huge.

Chatting about Richard after an exhausting day.


Some Photo’s of our Cottage

It’s been a while since I last posted. The reason is we have been busy working on our property. Barbara and I have wanted to share our property with the general public but it took some doing to get it ready. So with out further ado, on with the photo’s.
Here is a view of the back of the main house. We took down some privacy fences the previous owner installed. We like the look and feel of it.
This is the view of the cottage from the patio/Tiki bar that’s on the main house.
A view of the back of the main house from the horse enclosure area.
A closer look at the back of the main house. We like how the lattice on the field fence seems to add charm.
This is the inside of the Cottage. Barbara has done a great job of decorating. She likes the SouthWestern look and it wouldn’t be complete with out horses.
A view of the bathroom, complete with hot and cold running water.
This is Shannon. He’s in the horse enclosure area. This is the main area he and Jubilee are in during the season the grass is not growing or dormant.
A local cardinal enjoys hanging out in some branches in the horse enclosure.
This is a view of our Tiki bar. Those double doors are to the main house.
A view of the pool table at night. The Tiki bar feel is still in effect. 
A view of my workshop at night. 

Orange and Teal?

Hey everyone!

In theses latest images, I’ve tried a new technique that I saw on another photography posting (actually, it was about color grading in video production and I was applying it to still photography).

In essence, we are introducing a couple of complementary colors in the photo. In the highlights, we are making them more orange- to better help simulate a late afternoon sun. In this particular case, I was shooting close to, if not in the golden hour. The second part is shifting the shadows into the teal range of colors. Apparently, orange and teal are opposites on the color wheel- which makes them complementary.


The author of the post says that this is what Hollywood does in their
“Blockbuster” movies. They use color to help separate out items in a scene.

In still photography, we use lens and F-stop selection to make the object pop out out of the background. What I mean by this is using the depth of field that is an F-stop attribute to make the background blurry while our subject is in sharp focus.


So in this instance, I’m using my aperture to isolate my subject and using color to help isolate my subject even further.


Feel free to leave comments.



Photography is Fun!!!


I have been all over the place lately. With working with the website, renovating one of the structures on our property, taking care of the horses, and recently, we had two of our dogs spayed so we had to nurse them. Very busy indeed. The following photo’s are recently taken and processed with the exception of the first photo. I took that one about a year and a half ago and reprocessed it tonight.

An additional activity I’ve been working with is a website called YouPic. It’s kind of like Instagram except most of the images are taken with cameras that are not phones. Nothing wrong with camera phones, I’ve taken very interesting images with my iPhone. With that said, there are a lot of talented photographers uploading photo’s to the YouPic website. Lots of beautiful photo’s. So I’m uploading a few of the images I’ve posted on that website here, so you can see some of them.

One of the things I’m working on is my watermark. So for now, I’m sticking with the blue duck with the wording of  my website as an umbrella . Seems to work for now. Well see how I feel about it in the coming months.

So feel feel to make a comment in the comments section.

**Eventually, I will make some drastic changes to the website: an additional activity I’m working with. I’m attempting to learn programing so I can update my website. I’ll let you know how it goes.


A Day at Howard Flea Market

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now.

Back in November, Barbara and I went to the Howard’s Flea Market to look for something that would go with the pool table we recently purchased from a Craigslist ad. I just recently purchased a refurbished lens from Canon (EF 100-400 4.5-5.6 L) and was excited to try it out.

Now every lens choice has advantages as well as disadvantages. This lens does have the reach and the ability to isolate the subject. The downside is the room you need for the lens to focus properly.

Being in a rural part of Florida, you never know what you’re going to see at the flea market. So here are some of what I captured.

Here is my wife Barbara posing with some art work.You want a shovel, yep, they have them.

Toys, yep, there here.

Taxidermy deer head? No problem.

The vegetables look good.


An old sewing machine.I knew this was going to make a great photo.

I liked how the proprietor staged their wares.

Antique toys

I’m not sure if the tortoise was for sale. Every time we visit Howard’s, he’s here.

These are small chickens. That’s Barbara’s hand petting one.

This chicken made a great portrait.

There are people out there that love their wiener dogs. 

A great door mat. When you see one at someones door, you pretty much know that no one will answer.

All kinds of ducks.

Yep, that’s a volcano in the background. It’s huge considering it’s made of plastic. 

Barbara loves this picture of the clocks.