Mitch Trainham Enters the US Amateur Pool Tournament

My cousin Mitch Trainham is a very talented pool player and was able to qualify for the US Amateur Pool Tournament that was being held in Palm Harbor, Florida on November 5th through the 7th, 2015. It was my pleasure to document him.


Mitch is in the center, I am on the left and Brett Stottlemyer is on the right.

Here is the photo’s that I took:


_MG_9040 _MG_9041 _MG_9045 _MG_9048 _MG_9059 _MG_9054 _MG_9066 _MG_9072 _MG_9075 _MG_9094 _MG_9116 _MG_9127 _MG_9130 _MG_9137 _MG_9139 _MG_9150


I’ve been lagging behind on my website lately. Truth be told,  Barbara and I have been really busy with getting our new home in shape. There has been lots of work to do around here such as, fencing and barn building for starters. All in all, I should be able to share some images of it once I become comfortable with the state of our property.



So in the mean time, I’ll be moving stuff around and posting new photos. I have been shooting and processing those images, just not posting here. So one of my tasks is to move some of those processed photo’s up to the website.

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